van cleave architecture + design

We spend countless hours in our homes and offices but how often do we really think about the surrounding space?  Subconsciously, our behavior is influenced by our surroundings no matter what we think or do. Lighting strategies, furniture placement, patterns, colors, and a variety of textures are just some of the elements used by Interior Designers to enhance a space. 

We are unique in that our firm starts the Interior Design process at the beginning of an architectural project, in the Schematic Design phase. Every subsequent decision is generated from the Program criteria through the INSIDE of the building and how the occupants use the space.  Design decisions, for example, can be based on access to daylight, access to views, functions of spaces, or quality of spaces.  We have found that our clients are ready to “jump in” when we begin with the interiors!

We also offer out Interior Design services on an hourly consulting basis if you need guidance on colors, furniture, or finishes.