van cleave architecture + design

“Van Cleave Architecture helped us convert an attached garage into an extension of our kitchen in a 95 year old house. Results phenomenal! No end of compliments from everyone who’s seen it.  Perfect design with maximum use of space in a tiny house.  Extremely professional, Suzie was engaged throughout to ensure all wet according to plan.  Would highly recommend.”

– Eva B.


“As we are finalizing our construction of our new office space complete with a 30 person meeting space, I wanted to thank Suzie Van Cleave from Van Cleave Architecture + Design. She helped me determine what to do with walls, doorways, closet space, an a vent that was right in the middle of our new meeting space! She was honest, straightforward, and knowledgeable about what could and could not be done!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – MalamaDoe


“Great job redesigning our kitchen in an older house while still staying true to the home. Suzie spent a good amount of time giving us various creative options on how to maximize the space for the way we live.”

– Josh Y.


“Suzie is truly a professional who understands how to listen to clients’ needs and understands the value of having a team mentality on a project. We at Carmel Builders, are excited to work with Van Cleave Architecture, because we share the same beliefs when it comes to working with Home Owners; of providing our expertise to help make design decisions that are right for them and their home. Suzie is a great listener, caring and approachable.”

– Carmel Builders


“I photograph primarily kitchens and baths for architects and designers. Here’s what typically happens. I’ll photo a job for the architect, all the architectural elements are there, but the design quality is lacking…and when I photo for the designer, it’s the opposite. Than there’s Suzie. Suzie is the best of both worlds combined. She has such a talent for including both the architectural and design elements into all her projects. She’s a pleasure to work with and of course is the consummate professional.”

– Michael Alan Kaskel


“Van Cleave Architecture turned our visions into reality! Our kitchen and third floor remodel has exceeded our expectations. It makes us happy every time we enter the rooms. The visual and functional appeal are amazing! Suzie’s experience and talents are apparent in her work. She is professional, easy to work with and timely. Thank you Suzie!!”

– Annette B


“We are so glad we decided to use Van Cleave Architecture for our home renovation, Suzie was instrumental in making our vision a reality. She has a real eye for maintaining the integrity of a home while adding the desired features of today. She drew up a detailed plan, after listening to what we were looking for. This eliminated any confusion with the hands on aspect of the job and expedited the renovation immensely. This plan also put our minds at ease, giving us a visual of what we could expect. She was approachable and easy to work with, patient and professional from start to end. She was promptly on-site when we needed her to be and a phone call away for anything else that popped up. We would highly recommend Van Cleave Architecture to anyone.”

– Jamie K.


“Wow…this place is unbelievable…these are usually the first words out of our family and friends mouths when they see what a wonderful job Suzie did for us on the renovation of our lake house. From the photos you will probably have the same reaction. Don’t let the photos be your only reason for choosing to work with her. Her attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines, and her willingness to listen to your dreams and turn them into reality are the reasons you should work with her. Suzie has the ability to transform your space into your dream place and you will enjoy working with her in the process.”

– Cindy & Gary W.


“Suzie helped us re-imagine, in a cost-effective and original way, the exterior of a century old farmhouse. She has designed a multi-family porch, finding ways to add space within the limitations of the building code and existing structural supports. She also helped us source a reasonably priced contractor for that project, as well. Suzie even helped with the layout design of both my mother’s and my kitchen. I remember the redesign of Suzie’s own kitchen, which was smartly laid out and added much to the value of her house. If there is ever a project that I need an architect for, I “go-to” Suzie of Van Cleave Architects.”

– Katrina V.


“From concept to execution, working with Van Cleave could not have been a more professional and positive experience. Capable of understanding our needs and working within our budget, they went above and beyond our expectations for what was possible, creating a unique room which met all of our needs. Construction was implemented by an outside contractor, however, we used Van Cleave as project manager for the job, as well as the designers, knowing that answers to specific questions were best coming from them. They proved to be problem solvers and really worked well with our contractor. I would highly recommend this firm and will use them again in the future.”

– Mel M.